Service and support

After-sales service
respect of Zhejiang Jin tunnel furnace Ltd user:
thank you for purchasing Brocade products, Jin's staff expressed sincere thanks to you and wish you success in your work and business, good fortune! Brocade company has been paying attention to product after-sales service quality, customer satisfaction has always been our great support, here is my company to the customer after sales service projects, commitments, as well as after sales service contact information.
before-sales service::
hotline (products and technologies) can be tailor-made according to customer requirements.
sale service:
with product delivery, door installation guide professional training services such as maintenance and product.
    free on-site installation and commissioning.
    24-hour service hotline at hearing. Telephone interviews each month, free of charge to provide you with guidance and answer questions.
    equipment maintenance of life, under normal conditions of use, one year free warranty.
    from malfunction to maintenance completion time, not more than 72 hours.
    each year to provide you with an on-site maintenance free.
    full system of technology training, guarantee you right master equipment operation technology
    company commitment all products in shelf life within appeared products design and the manufacturing Shang of quality problem, company implemented timely free repair or replaced, and received needed party maintenance phone Hou (except road time) in 48 hours within arrived site for maintenance, ensure needed party normal production; as products in warranty period outside, Company continues to provide users with quality service, product life-long maintenance, provide accessories.