LED lighting industry tunnel type drying furnaces

LED lighting industry tunnel type drying furnaces 

product description:
structure: mainly by a conveyor system, oven, and control system has three major components.


more independent PID temperature control, furnace temperature uniformity. Speed variable frequency speed regulation or electromagnetic speed, smooth regulation, smooth operation and high production efficiency. Widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, chemicals, toys, printing, hardware, printing, food, medicines, footwear, handicrafts and drying operations.
oven system

technical parameters: according to the customer request custom power and temperature
type: tunnel-design
power supply: input AC380v/50Hz 
temperature: Tmax=0-600 ° c ± 3 ° c adjustable
oven dimensions: depending on production needs drying oven size;
heating mode: selection of imported heating tube heating design
Temperature control: selection of Nissan (RKC700) thermostat, temperature homogeneity ± 2 ℃
technical requirements of the transmission network: according to customized transport network