Tunnel furnace is the level of ventilation

Tunnel furnaces are mainly used in foods when baking, food through a conveyor chains plate, strip or belt or direct-fired combustion and heating elements relative movement between the bars. This oven can be continuous production, high production efficiency, savings in manpower, quality stable. Used in industry are many, for our industrialization brought a lot of convenience. Furnace of
    tunnel is a tunnel through chain mesh belt type drying equipment, using special chain drive transmission parts have dried, novel features such as continuous drying equipment. Manually place the workpiece on the drive chain mesh belt, loop through discharging after drying. Hood on mist spray fan out after discharge into the exhaust pipe to outside. This tool, full function, rational structure, easy to operate, the advantages of good drying effect, it dried in large quantities, improving the working environment, improve the quality, is of great significance. Sealed fuselage structure type, appearance, disassembly maintenance convenience.
    tunnel furnace materials: external SECC quality steel plate, electrostatic paint treatment resistant; internal use of high temperature resistant 304 stainless steel;  mirror tunnel furnace thermostat: Taiwan Yang Ming or RKC intelligent digital temperature meter, accurate temperature control, simple;  tunnel oven over temperature protection: automatic over-temperature alarm, safe and reliable; tunnel oven temperature fast, economical and practical ; Tunnel furnace with horizontal air supply mode, settings has intake and exhaust vents; cycle tunnel oven: heat radiation and the level of natural convection.      

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