Introduction to tunnel furnace

&Nbsp;       tunnel oven (food processing)---by heat conduction, convection, radiation complete food baking tunnel equipment, referred to as tunnel furnace. Tunnel furnace adopts the foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing is Shanghai honglian machine electric heating technology using far infrared heating technology, heating element layout is reasonable, low energy consumption. The oven furnace are usually very long, minimum 6 m, length-60~80 m. Baking Chamber for a long, narrow tunnel, width is generally 80cm to 140cm. There is a continuous operation of the transmission system in the tunnel. When baked foods, and food through a conveyor chains plate, strip or belt or direct-fired combustion and heating elements relative movement between the bars. Work to complete the uniform baking and transport. These ovens can be continuous production, high production efficiency, savings in manpower, quality stable. The tunnel furnaces are mainly used for industrial production of food companies, characterized by continuous or intermittent baking in large quantities. Usually the rated power input >24KW, by full-time personnel to operate. BACK PAGE