Infrared tunnel oven in our use of effects

The function of the equipment is very important to us, we use when they need to look at what benefits these can bring to us, but we have a lot of products are our products to operate, so use more convenient, so we need to have a good understanding of this product. Infrared tunnel oven in our modern factory using a lot, and we used to be able to bring a lot of benefits.
    infrared tunnel oven heating energy-saving, contents, synchronous control; control, reducing the heating rate can be synchronized with the production line control, reduce the stop line and the product inside. Heating equipment can be 1, 2 seconds after the thermal effect of thermal radiation emitted, halt, you can immediately ease the heat, in order to avoid defective products. Subsection control improves fitness and achieve uniform temperature heating process is stable and clean. Temperature control for easy and fast heating, safer infrared tunnel oven thermal inertia is small, does not require preheating, the labor cost savings for companies, internal and external heating. Heating, heat is from an electrical heating object's end-to-end or from the object to be heated to its progressive conduction of internal surfaces, so heated objects will have uneven heating, the heating process is slow, inefficient, and ineffective. And infrared heating, heated objects can be heated evenly, so as to meet the requirements needed at the same time, to the protection and promotion of the dry mass of the body. By internal heating because there is no surface films, it can add more effective 2? 3 times, so as to save energy. BACK PAGE