Application of infrared tunnel oven

&Nbsp;   IR tunnel furnace is a heating equipment for industrial use, its field of application is widely used to dry a variety of industrial materials, such as food processing, Electronics Assembly, chemical-pharmaceutical and so on need to be baked, the heating process. Is one of the common drying equipment. In the industrial production of many products is to dry before the next step, tunnel furnace to provide a lot of convenience.
    infrared tunnel oven adopts the foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing, advanced structure, simple Assembly and disassembly, pleasing in appearance. High wire seal the tunnel furnace, tunnel drying line for pad printing screen printing tunnel furnace relay circuits, digital temperature display, time, and frequency control travel speed. Equipped with a conveyor belt, chain belt sprocket stroke, variable speed motor, far-infrared heating device, the whole hot-air mixing, ceramic fiber wool insulation layer, and so on. Suitable for all kinds of plastic products silk screen printing, spray drying after Assembly. Infrared tunnel oven with accurate temperature control system, using the PID microcomputer control, internal heating zone three, indirect drying, tunnel furnace heating and drying of low moisture content of the product is designed for SMT components reflow soldering, printed and electronic products and materials drying and curing, binders, etc. The furnace with temperature-independent structure, far-infrared ceramic heating plates or ceramic, Black ceramic tubes, infrared irradiation width wide and no dead angle. System can be equipped with enhanced exhaust mechanism to further improve temperature uniformity of the production environment and clean. BACK PAGE